The QSFP112 MSA Group launched!

Hangzhou, China– December 2, 2020

Over the past ten years, QSFP family products have been used for high speed interconnect so widely in many industries since the first generation. As the demand for bandwidth grows, the need to the single lane speed in a QSFP is now coming to 112Gbps.

The QSFP112 Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Group was founded by several industry leaders to develop the specification for the QSFP system operating at the speed of 112Gb/s per lane. This will help the legacy QSFP users evolve the bandwidth from currently 100G (QSFP28) or 200G(QSFP56) to 400G per port with lower cost and shorter transition time.

The QSFP112 MSA promoters include Accelink, Alibaba, Amphenol, Baidu, Credo, H3C, Hisense, II-VI, Innolight, Inphi, Luxshare-Tech, Molex, TE, and US Conec.

Under the MSA, participating companies will address the technical challenges of achieving higher speed signaling of 400G (4x112Gbps) and higher power consumption of modules, and ensuring the interoperability and backward compatibility for modules and connectors/cages. The QSFP112 connectors and cages will be backward compatible with legacy QSFP 40G(4x10G), 100G(4x25G) and 200G(4x56G-PAM4) modules, including optical transceivers and copper cables. The QSFP112 modules will also be able to be accepted by QSFP-DD connector and cage. These compatibility features are quite essential for industry adoption.

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